Teachers Aide Course Bundle (3 Certificates)

Teachers Aide Course Bundle (3 Certificates)

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Save hundreds of dollars with our Teachers Aide Course Bundle. Get access to ALL our teacher's aide courses for one low price! This course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this rewarding industry.

  • 180 Study Hours
  • Payment Plan From Only $25 per week
  • Lifetime Access Available Worldwide

Industry Recognised

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Distance Skills Academy Certificate of Achievement in Teachers Aide Course Bundle (3 Certificates).


Love being around Children? Become a Teacher’s Aide!

Save hundreds of dollars with our Teachers Aide Course Bundle. Get access to ALL our teachers aide courses for one low price! This course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this rewarding industry.

Our industry leading Teachers Aide course bundle is designed to provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to work in education support. It's also a fantastic teachers aide course if you already work in the industry and want to refresh or enhance your CV! This teachers aide course bundle includes 3 certificate courses:

  • Teachers Aide - Career Sampler (Valued at $179)
  • Working with Childcare Certificate (Valued at $299)
  • Advanced Teachers Aide (Valued at $599)

What will you learn in this course?

  • This course will fully prepare you for a career in the classroom, helping teachers to educate, support and inspire students.
  • This online education support course will give you the expertise to communicate and work collaboratively with teachers and colleagues, as well as to support the holistic wellbeing, health and safety of all students.
  • You will master the skills that you need to effectively help children learn and develop numeracy, literacy and oral language skills.
  • During your studies you will learn how to help children and teens with behavioural issues, and how to fully support and assist those with special learning needs.
  • You will become adept at implementing planned education programs in classroom settings, as well as helping with the organisation and management of classrooms and community education centres.

Why should you invest in this course? 

Succeeding in today's society requires a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. This course will show employers currency in your skills and knowledge and commitment in achieving career goals & becoming a better employee.

Please check with your state department for the relevant "checks/permissions" that may be required to gain employment in this industry (I.E Blue card for working with children).

Sample Video from our Teachers Aide Course Bundle...

This teachers aide course is an exciting course and one that has been designed with a complete view of a Teacher's role and responsibilities in the education environment. Your professional development will be enhanced after studying the variety of topics and their content. Not only is this teachers aide course rewarding, it is fulfilling as the importance of learning for children is highlighted.

You will learn about supporting children through their learning journey, working with children and or students from a variety of back-grounds as well as appropriate strategies to suit learners needs. You will become to understand facilitation and support within the educational context.

Teacher aides may do some or all of the following:

  • Work with students one to one, and in small groups, following a programme prepared by the teacher
  • Help with extra activities such as physical exercise or physiotherapy
  • Meet with teachers and parents to discuss students' progress
  • Help teachers plan lessons for students with special educational needs
  • Help students learn English as a second language
  • Give medication to students who need it
  • Assist students with personal care such as toileting or eating.

Teacher aides need to have knowledge of:

  • How to work with students who have special needs
  • The school curriculum and subject areas in which they work
  • Different teaching methods and learning styles
  • Behavioural management techniques, such as ways to calm an angry child
  • Child learning and development
  • School rules, policies and procedures, including safety and emergency procedures
  • First aid.

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