Pet Care Certificate

Pet Care Certificate

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If you love animals and your goal is to build a career that allows you to work alongside them every day, this Certificate in Pet Care is the perfect choice to make you stand out from the crowd.

  • 80 Study Hours
  • Payment Plan From Only $25 per week
  • Lifetime Access Available Worldwide

Industry Recognised

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Distance Skills Academy Certificate of Achievement in Pet Care Certificate.


If you love animals and your goal is to build a career that allows you to work alongside them everyday

This Certificate in Pet Care offers you the important foundational knowledge to work with or keep pets. Aside from introducing you to a variety of common pet species you’ll also learn about law and licensing requirements, animal charities and societies (e.g. Blue Cross). Focusing on common pets such as cats, dogs and rabbits you'll learn to identify signs of ill health in pets, understanding serious health problems in domestic pets and learning when to seek help from a qualified professional. This is an excellent course for those starting out in a career working with animals or for those wishing to learn more about caring for their own pets.

Pet Care covers a range of topics associated with taking care of animals including, dogs, cats, freshwater fish, horses, reptiles and amphibians, rodents and rabbits. Get yourself ready to explore an exciting course that has been designed to incorporate both theory and practical elements of pet care.

This course comprises of 8 topics:

  • An Introduction to Pet Care
  • Provide Basic Care for Domestic Cats
  • Provide Basic Care for Domestic Dogs
  • Provide Basic Care for Freshwater Fish
  • Provide Basic Care for Birds
  • Provide Basic Care for Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Provide Basic Care for Rodents and Rabbits
  • Provide Dog Grooming Service

Each topic presents an informative and interactive guide that will ultimately assist your learning of this topic. At the end of each topic, you will find a series of Self-Assessment tasks which have been designed to test your understanding. It is recommended that you completed these tasks for your self-enrichment and career development.

It is estimated that each topic will take approximately 8 hours of reading, including additional research, viewing videos, completing self-assessment tasks and assignments.

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