Counselling Course Bundle (3 Certificates)

Counselling Course Bundle (3 Certificates)

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With our amazing course bundle, you can save hundreds of dollars, by getting access to ALL our counselling courses for one low price!

  • 90 Study Hours
  • Payment Plan From Only $25 per week
  • Lifetime Access Available Worldwide

Industry Recognised

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Distance Skills Academy Certificate of Achievement in Counselling Course Bundle (3 Certificates).


Help People In Need and Become The Person That Makes A Difference

This amazing NEW course bundle will not only save you money, it will give you the career boost you are looking for. This counselling course bundle includes:

  • Counselling Career Sampler (valued at $179)
  • Advanced Certificate in Counselling (valued at $839)
  • Relationship Counselling (valued at $299)

Do you enjoy helping people with conflict resolution or mental, lifestyle and emotional problems? If this is you, consider a career in counselling with our online Counselling Course Bundle. This course offers a practical and theoretical foundation for effective counselling with the aim to help others with important issues such as depression, domestic and family violence, financial problems, loss and grief, loneliness and isolation.

Counsellors earn 20% above average national wages, with employment for counsellors expecting to rise strongly over the next five years, creating thousands of new job opportunities.

If you want to kickstart your career in this rewarding industry, our Counselling Course Bundle is the perfect start. During this course, you will learn: empathy and rapport building as you develop the micro-skills that every counsellor needs to create a fruitful therapeutic relationship with their clients; how to support individual health & emotional well-being; how to work within a structured counselling framework and the learning and development theories of counselling.

Give yourself a chance to upskill for better career opportunities and to make that difference you’ve been dreaming about.

Industry Facts

There has never been a better time to become a counsellor. According to the Government's JobOutlook website there are likely to be around 22,000 job openings over 5 years (that's about 4,400 a year). Counselling skills are also important for people in a range of helping professions including human services workers, teachers, nurses, ministers of religion, corrective services officers, allied health workers, complementary health practitioners, human resources staff and administrators.

Counsellors help people learn to overcome problems they face in their everyday lives including relationships, career problems or any other personal set-backs and provide valuable mental health counselling to those in emotional need. Counsellors can also act as intermediaries in conflict resolution. Counsellors work in a variety of sectors including the health sector, community organisations, government organisations, education, welfare and private practice.

Sample video and extract from our Counselling course bundle
(Topic - Work Effectively in the Community Sector).

Counsellors help people define and work through their emotional, social, and educational difficulties. As such, a counselling job is well-suited for those with excellent interpersonal skills – including the ability to actively listen, empathise, collaborate, and tackle problems with patience and understanding. Providing strong emotional support is just one aspect of the job, however; counsellors are still required to pursue methodical, logical, and objective tactics to properly analyse the situations at hand, free of bias.

According to Job Outlook, the industry can expect a boom of workers in the years to 2023, from 25,900 employees in 2018, to 30,500. Work can be found in most regions of the country, with an average annual salary of $60,398. 

Who can work as a Counsellor?

It may sound surprising but there are no formal requirements needed for you to call yourself a counsellor in Australia and New Zealand. However, most employers and professional bodies require you to hold at least a Diploma. Our counselling course bundle is a great entry point into a counselling career and you will gain valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied in the future. 

Who can be a successful counsellor?

If you have the skill to be able to listen, analyse a situation and advise in a non-biased way, and have a patient empathetic manner you will make a good counsellor.

Where does counselling play a role?

Counselling skills are required in various job positions and are not limited to just working as a counsellor.

The ability to counsel people is a major advantage for people who manage people, Work with children and young adults, At Job recruitment centers, At weight loss centers and actually for anyone working in consulting as well.

There are various approaches to counsel people from different age groups, backgrounds and cultures. People need a counsellor when they are experiencing traumatic situations like Grief, divorce, Crisis, Career changes to name a few.

What is a starting point?

Doing a short course or a short certificate course in counselling is a great starting point to see if counselling is a career option for you. If you are already working in schools, recruitment agencies, consulting services doing a counselling course which will complement your current job, this course will give you a major advantage to grow in your career.

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