Meet the Team

At The Distance Skills Academy our focus has always been, and always will be, our students. We strive to ensure our students are provided with a quality learning experience. We operate with humility and integrity and are committed to making sure our students are treated as individuals and their rights upheld.

The team at The Distance Skills Academy is passionate about adult education with the leadership team at the forefront of this, ensuring that only people with the same values, beliefs and passion are employed as part of the team. Our recruitment process is primarily focused on “fit”. Open communication is encouraged and contributes to an environment that is innovative and productive, ensuring the learning outcomes of our all students are not only met, but exceeded.

“We are all about the student experience at The Distance Skills Academy. We know that potentially when a student enrols in an online course they can feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. It’s our job to exceed their expectations and make them feel instantly comfortable and confident to embark on their study journey.”


The Distance Skills Academy is an online education provider based in Australia, providing education to a global audience.