How to Study Effectively from Home

Studying from home can be hard. How can you dare to leave your beautiful bed that’s keeping you nice & warm and away from all that scary work that you have to do? As you build the strength to part ways from your bed, the fact that you have to study becomes real, but so does the fact that the Bold and the Beautiful re-run is on in 5 minutes. So, how do you pull yourself away from the TV and towards your laptop? These tips will help you organise your home studies in a much more effective way.

Treat the Day Like A Day At Work
It’s easy to roll over, grab your laptop and begin working from the comfort of your own bed. But, when you do this, how long is it until you actually start studying? A quick Facebook check turns into an hour of procrastination, and next thing you know, you’ve got the covers over your head again. By making an effort to get up and get ready for the day, you’re able to put yourself in that mind frame where you know that you have serious work to get done. Simple things like dressing like you’re going to work or having a refreshing shower can alert your senses in a way that’ll help you work more efficiently. Other things like taking regular breaks and restricting interactivity through technology & social media can also put you in the correct headspace to study better. Through limiting distractions and treating the day as if you’re at work, your mind will be able to understand the importance of getting that work done.

Have A Game Plan
Your body and mind relies on routine in order to function properly. By having a daily structure, you’re able to get your head in the game and follow that game plan. Things like to-do lists and weekly schedules can all help you study effectively so that you’re able to work when your brain is the most alert and efficient. By finding out which time of the day your mind is the most focussed, you’re able to get more done and use your brain to it’s full potential. A study plan also gets rid of any confusion that you may feel as it gives you a sense of direction and organisation towards your end study goal.

Creating An Environment
An office space that separates your day to day from your learning just screams focus. By separating your study and home life, you’ll be able to concentrate and get more done. Having a specific area in the house where you can study will make sure that you’re free from distractions and put in in the right head space. Simple things like getting rid of clutter and tidying up can also tidy your mind. Not only will you feel motivated, but you’ll be surprised with how much work you’ll get done in the day.

With these basic tips, not only will you able to study efficiently, but you’ll be able to study smarter. By finding what works best for you, studying at home will be less of a battle and more of a win. 

What are some of your tips when you’re studying from home? Share them in the comments below! Or are you a mum researching the best jobs to work around kids?

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